[theme-reviewers] [Theme Check Plugin] One possible bug and a question

esmi at quirm dot net esmi at quirm.net
Wed Jul 20 22:02:52 UTC 2011

Version 20110602.2

Possible Bug?
When the plugin checks for localization of text strings, it seems to be 
stopping at the first issue it finds. In my case, that only meant 1 
extra string that I'd missed but for a new theme developer, it could get 
pretty frustrating having these drip fed out one at a time.

The checks for .svn files is nice but when you're checking a theme under 
development with debug turned on and just happen to use local svn to 
version your themes, the plugin spits out a shed-load of warnings. No 
big deal really but is there any way they can be suppressed? I'd rather 
not have to prepare an upload svn-less copy of a theme every time I want 
to check it.


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