[theme-reviewers] fopen, fgets and freads errors

Darren Slatten darrenslatten at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 19:37:45 UTC 2011

This would be a lot easier to diagnose if you could provide information

   - hosting environment
   - php.ini settings
   - full text of error messages
   - what types of pages/requests generate the errors

If the errors are only showing in 2:10,000 installations, then there's a
good chance that those 2 users have an unusual server configuration or
file/URL structure. Could be caused by something like trying to open/include
a file or image that isn't in the typical location, relative to your theme.

On Sat, Jul 16, 2011 at 3:47 AM, Tom Matteson
<perspectivevision at gmail.com>wrote:

> Greetings All Concerned ...
> I have a theme on the Repository--Wordsmith Anvil--which does not use
> fopen, fgets or freads functions. It has been downloaded close to 10,000
> times and I have just received a comment from the second user who is
> receiving errors referencing "failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper
> could be found in ...", or "supplied argument is not a valid stream resource
> in ..." with this theme. The errors all point to various lines of
> wp-includes/functions.php, except one file reference to the theme default
> css file, style.css. The first user told me they disabled all plugins. Also,
> they performed a fresh WordPress install and did not see the errors using
> TwentyTen and a number of other themes. The second user who contacted me
> yesterday told me they do not have any plugins installed and when they
> activated the Wordsmith Anvil theme, these errors display at the top of the
> page.
> Knowing that these functions are not used in this theme; yet the errors
> seem to be theme specific, and each user experiencing these errors have
> WordPress installations hosted on entirely different servers I am more
> uncertain as to why these errors are being displayed. I was hoping someone
> on this list may have experienced this with another theme and could shed
> some light on why these errors would occur when the theme does not use those
> functions. In fact, if these functions had been used in my theme, I am
> fairly certain it would not have been approved anyway.
> Otto, Nathan, Chip, Justin, Emil, Cais, etc ... any thoughts or feedback on
> this. I would like to address this so that users in the future do not see
> these errors.
> *Best Regards
> Tom Matteson*
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Darren Slatten
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