[theme-reviewers] Why the bias.

Satish Gandham satish.iitg at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 16:10:16 UTC 2011

Wordpress $content_width doesn't work for external images, but javaScript

*yours is not the world's most important issue.*

yes, mine is not the worlds most important issue. But there are other places
to discuss worlds important issues, and this is definitely not one of them.

Ok, you are saying

   1. Using their logo for site name is not a big issue, and overlooked or
   its acceptable.
   2. And the reviewer missed the invisible post content while reviewing.

My theme gets special attention, and nothing is overlooked.

Thanks for the special attention given to my theme, this really saves me a
lot of time and helps me find problems which i wouldnt find myself (Because,
they are hard to find, or doesn't exist for real world cases)

I only wish the special attention isnt motivated by the grudge against me or
my theme.
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