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I know you guys are trying to speed up the process and that trivial errors should be overlooked. In this case though the theme has some security vulnerabilities, and the functions are starting with inconsistent slugs. I didn't go through every file or even test the theme in WordPress, all I did was look at a few files of the theme in the trac. I will be leaving a comment on that ticket for the theme reviewer so they can go back and have a look. Thanks for your help.
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A little of both ...

As we are trying to expedite the process, at least in the short term, I would expect there to be more items missed especially in themes that are resolved as "not-approved" but if there are themes that have been resolved as approved and there are "non-trivial" issues found after the fact then whomever finds them should be commenting on the appropriate ticket.

You can also drop me a note specifically if you feel the issue requires immediate attention as a show-stopper before being approved into the repository as I go through the entire Extend admin queue at least once a week to make sure Trac and Extend are in sync.

The idea is not that you would be stepping on another reviewers toes, but that we are working as a team and sometimes a reviewer just misses an item, for whatever reason, but we should still have each others back all the same. It is much better to have a theme corrected before it goes live to Extend as the only way to "fix" any issues is by a very quick update by the author (special circumstances immediate review as necessary) and/or temporary suspension of the theme as there is no "un-approve" method once the theme is live.


On Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 6:50 AM, Rankin, Matthew W. (Student) <mrankin at my.ccsu.edu<mailto:mrankin at my.ccsu.edu>> wrote:
I see that now after one review everyone gets "full reviewer" status ( for those of you who didn't know that please see this post http://make.wordpress.org/themes/2011/12/15/getting-the-review-queue-back-on-track/#comment-15374 ). I think this is a great idea and will really speed up the review process. Now for my question, I was playing with the trac software just getting a better feel for it now that I have "full reviewer" status and when I viewed the timeline there is a theme that was recently marked as approved that has some errors. I was wondering what the policy is on stepping in on others reviews? I don't want to be rude and step on other people's toes, but I don't want to let themes with errors in either. Can someone please tell me what to do? Should I report it to an admin? Should I leave a comment on the ticket? Should I let it go? Any advice here is appreciated.

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