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yulian yordanov yul.yordanov at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 12:14:54 UTC 2011

Well OK :)

Добре дошъл.

I'll try to help

2011/8/1 Mario Peshev <mario at peshev.net>

> Hello reviewers,
> I'm a rookie trainee and just done my second theme review. However as I see
> in the list of applications there are few other candidates with passion to
> review but your approvals are assigned hours after applications. I know you
> guys are busy big time but it would be great if you are able to review
> http://make.wordpress.org/themes/about/trac-ticket-request-queue/ more
> often or give another channel as an alternative. It would allow us to review
> more test themes and reduce drastically the amount of waiting themes (or at
> least try to as newbies).
> I also considered self-assigning themes to myself in a way to just checkout
> and write a review without an assignment but don't know what's your opinion
> on this.
> Thanks in advance.
> All the best,
> Mario Peshev
> freelance software developer/trainer
> http://www.linkedin.com/in/mpeshev
> http://peshev.net/blog
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Юлиян Йорданов

Yulian Yordanov
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