[theme-reviewers] A few issues to look out for

Justin Tadlock justin at justintadlock.com
Wed Apr 27 19:16:49 UTC 2011

Here's a few things we should be on the lookout for when reviewing 
themes that I thought I'd bring up.

The use of the_post_thumbnail() with the_content() can sometimes be a 
problem.  If a user places the image within the post content (at the 
beginning of the post) and sets the same image as the "feature image," 
it creates a duplicate image issue.  Some themes' designs are meant to 
handle this while others aren't.

Some themes have a comments callback function where they don't recognize 
comment types other than 'comment', 'pingback', and 'trackback'.   This 
is also the case in the TwentyTen theme.  If you look at its switch 
statement, you'll notice it doesn't give a 'default' case.  It should be 
corrected to handle all comment types (e.g., tweetbacks).

Loading JS and CSS on all pages of the admin.  Sometimes, themes hook 
their theme settings page JavaScript and Stylesheet to the 'admin_init' 
hook or something similar.  This should only be loaded on the the theme 
settings page.  If using the add_theme_page() function, a hook is 
created just for that page.  A better hook would probably be 

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