[theme-reviewers] Use Static Front Page by Default for Reviews?

Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Fri Apr 22 14:48:34 UTC 2011

On Fri, Apr 22, 2011 at 8:40 AM, Chip Bennett <chip at chipbennett.net> wrote:
> 2) The Theme Developer mistakenly uses "home.php" instead of
> "front-page.php" as the Front Page template, which causes the Blog Posts
> Index to behave incorrectly when in a Static Front Page setup.

There seems to be some confusion surrounding this.

- home.php is used to display the main set of blog posts, wherever
they happen to be. The fallback for it is index.php.
- front-page.php is used to display the front page, regardless of
whether it's a static page or the blog posts page. The fallback for it
is also index.php, *unless* you have a static page as the front page,
in which case it will use page.php and then index.php.

In other words, home.php is always used for the main blog, never for a
Static Page on Front. Including a home.php is not an error, if you are
intending to only style the main blog area differently.


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