[theme-reviewers] How much do you charge to list a them under featured section?

Satish Gandham satish.iitg at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 10:10:42 UTC 2010

On what basis are the featured themes selected? Don't tell me they are
selected for their uniqueness. Tell me how much should I spend to get a
theme listed in that section?

Almost 10 themes listed under featured section have been there for the last
six months (That's since have been closely observing the Wordpress theme
directory, so it may be longer than that). Themes like Atahualpa,
constructor,Mystique are out of the box and deserve to be there but rest of
the themes listed under featured section aren't so special to be listed
there for years. I think pixel,light world, piano black,Retromania have been
there for almost 2 years.

How different is Motion theme from Pixel? Whats the point in listing two
almost identical themes from the same author in featured section?

Whats so amazing about Piano Black?

Monochrome and Piano black are from the same author, is he a friend of your?

Same with pixel and motion.

If Piano black is such a great theme, how many people are using it?

Listing 2 themes from the same author listed under featured section,isn't
fair. I think you should have proper guidelines for listing a theme under
featured section. Every developer should be given equal exposure. We spend
lot of time in developing these themes. It's our choice and we enjoy
developing these themes but, it's demoralizing when our theme which is
better than other themes doesn't get the enough exposure just because the
person reviewing the theme doesn't like it, or doesn't have the time to dig
into see what the theme has to offer.

Most of the themes listed under popular themes section are popular only
because they are listed under featured themes, please do something about.

I hope you will do something about the issue.

Kind Regards
Satish Gandham
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