[theme-reviewers] My First Suggest-Approval *sniff*

Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Mon Sep 13 03:28:52 UTC 2010

On Sun, Sep 12, 2010 at 7:17 PM, Edward Caissie
<edward.caissie at gmail.com> wrote:
> If you consider those three points as those of a triangle then somewhere in
> the middle is most likely the best place to find a solution; but, it is
> equally likely not to be arrived at without mutually cooperative
> communication and actions being taken together by all parties involved: the
> community (Theme Review team, Developers/Authors, etc.) and Automattic/WPORG
> (core/dev team members).
> So once again I will ask of the teams, as has already been asked even in
> this thread: what is expected and under what criteria are the Theme
> Reviewers to be going forward with?

Um, dude, you are the reviewers. You guys are the "community" here.
All I can do is try help you out when I can. But what you do and how
you do it is really entirely up to you. It's not my place to dictate a
standard for you to abide by, it's my place to try to assist you when
*you* determine what the standards are to be.

As I see it, the "criteria" to be used is entirely up to the
reviewers. After all, you're the ones doing these reviews.


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