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Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) philip at frumph.net
Wed Sep 1 15:25:07 UTC 2010

Otto, you didnt have a valid discussion, you threw your weight into a 
situation, it is not your place to reopen the ticket, to have been valid you 
should have stated your claim, it would be remarked and reopened by the 
theme-admin, i.e. cais.  THEN your obligatory asshole nature procluded once 
again that things were flawed and you would see the process removed, didn't 
you learn from last time?

- Phil

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> Once again, I have to bring this up.
> If you refuse to have a *discussion* with the theme authors, then you
> are not doing a review. You are merely blocking the theme author from
> joining the community.
> When a theme author presents a valid argument, even when it's in trac,
> then mere rejection of his argument without consideration of any sort
> is *VERY* frustrating. Merely saying that that is the way the rules
> are now is not discussion, it is mere rejection.
> This is how we're treating people trying to join the community?
> If somebody brings up valid points, then it should be the job of the
> theme reviewer to consider those points and to apply common sense. It
> is their job to bring up these points to this list, or to wherever
> discussion is taking place among the reviewers. Merely rejecting the
> points immediately and closing the ticket is an extremely poor way to
> handle this sort of thing.
> The theme review guidelines are not the source of all knowledge. They
> are not, and should not be, considered absolute.
> -Otto
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