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Edward Caissie edward.caissie at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 20:13:16 UTC 2010

Christopher -

I had a quick look at your themes and asking for six to eight weeks is a
very long time to meet the minimum guidelines that would be required. Also
consider there is a very good possibility newer guideline criteria may be
introduced during that time frame.

Given you feel it would take six to eight weeks to update your themes I can
offer only a few suggestions at this time:

   1. Leave everything as is and address the themes at your proposed
   schedule (credit link update only will not be accepted)
   2. Address the theme requirements immediately and update (recommended)
   3. Have the themes suspended until you can address and update them (not

Item 1 is what I am reading you want to do; item 2 is most likely your best
course of action; and, item 3 is a possibility but personally I would not
consider it.


PS: The original replies should have included the "mailing-list". EAC

On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 12:17 PM, webdesigngallery .org <
info at webdesigngallery.org> wrote:

> @Cais.
> Thank you for answering my mail. I think I'll need at least between six and
> eight weeks till my themes will meet the current guidelines. At the moment I
> haven't enough time to update my two themes. To change the credit links is
> import to me, because the people who use the theme are maybe going to write
> the new owner of webdesign-er.com when they need support (I often became
> eMails from users when I was the owner of webdesign-er.com). That's bad
> for the wordpress users, who use my themes and it's also bad for the owner
> of webdesign-er.com, because he has nothing to do with the themes.
> I hope I could make you better understand why this is important for me :)
> Thank you very much!
> Christopher
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> Glass
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> @Christopher -
> As much as I can understand and appreciate your concerns with the footer
> credit link landing pages, I believe it would be better to address all
> issues as soon as possible rather than simply changing the credit link
> alone. Inappropriate credit links are an ongoing concern but only part of
> the overall Theme Review process.
> What time-line are you proposing for having your themes meet the current
> guidelines? Once we have a better idea of what your update schedule is, I am
> sure we will be able to address your go forward plan with a better
> understanding.
> Thank you,
> Cais.
> On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 5:33 AM, webdesigngallery .org <
> info at webdesigngallery.org> wrote:
> Dear Reviewer-Team,
> I have a problem: My two themes cbOne and Black Glass have footerlinks to a
> domain which I have sold. So, at the moment I can't guarantee for the
> content of the linked site (webdesign-er.com) in these two themes. I
> already tried to update the themes, but the update wasn't accepted by the
> reviewers.
> Now my question: Would it be possible that you accept the two necessary
> updates (which won't bring the two themes to the new standards of the Themes
> Directory but change the footerlinks) so that I can change the footerlinks?
> I will put these themes on the standards of the Themes Directory as soon as
> possible, but at the moment I haven't enough time to do that.
> It would be good if this would be possible, because then I could also give
> the users of the theme better support by eMail.
> Kind regards,
> Christopher Bergmann
> (cberg)
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