[theme-reviewers] Questions for Otto/Nacin

Jeremy Clark jeremy at clark-technet.com
Fri Oct 8 15:15:30 UTC 2010

If its possible I think option 1 would be better that way you can sort by all the suggest-not-approved and do a quick review to close them. 
Suggest-approval tickets would need to have a closer look to make sure something wasn't missed. 
I would think this would help keep the # of tickets down and help the turn around time for tickets. 

Just my thoughts. Good idea by the way chip. 

"Chip Bennett" <chip at chipbennett.net> wrote:

>Is it possible to restrict Trac ticket resolution options by user group? For
>example, can Group A be restricted to Resolution 1 and Resolution 2, while
>Group B is restricted to Resolution C and Resolution D?
>If so, would it be possible to implement the following for Theme-Trac?
>New User Group: Review Trainee
>Ticket Resolution Permissions:
> - approved (Reviewer, Review Admin)
> - not-approved (Reviewer, Review Admin)
> - suggest-approval (Review Trainee)
> - suggest-not-approved (Reviewer Trainee)
> - DELETE needs-additional-review
>Alternately (a decision for Cais/Pross, I think):
> - approved (Reviewer, Review Admin)
> - not-approved (Reviewer, Review Admin)
> - needs-additional-review (Review Trainee)
> - DELETE suggest-approval
>Thoughts? Is this possible?
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