[theme-reviewers] wp_footer() placement - [#1221: THEME: PencilDraw]

Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) philip at frumph.net
Thu Oct 7 16:59:38 UTC 2010

Arguments for:

1) So that it doesn't interfere with site design with plugins that add 
content specifically designed for below the site. (wibya toolbar)
2) Script execution sometimes will *not* work within a div set of your site 
design.  Some plugins that inject into that area will fail due to it being 
inside a particular markup area.

Arguments for not caring where its at:
1) So that particular plugins that inject into that area *look good* with 
the site design that puts it into that particular area.

- Phil

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>  Hi,
> What are the arguments which make required wp_footer() to be placed 
> immediately before </body> tag?
> Personally I'm OK with this because otherwise some slow or buggy script 
> may break the entire design. Here bellow I'm applying a comment from an 
> author which theme I was not approved; his arguments make sense and before 
> I answer him I need an additional opinion.
> So, what do you think about wp_footer() placement?
> On 07.10.2010 г. 08:34, WordPress Themes wrote:
>> #1221: THEME: Pencil Draw - 1.20
>> ------------------------------+---------------------------------------------
>>    Reporter:  Cristian Nistor  |      Owner:  Fingli
>>        Type:  theme            |     Status:  closed
>> Resolution:  not-approved     |   Keywords:  theme-pencil-draw,
>> ------------------------------+---------------------------------------------
>> Comment(by Cristian Nistor):
>>   Hello Fingli.
>>   Regarding the wp_footer() placement. I know that this function should 
>> go
>>   before the ending body tag, but I consider that it should not be
>>   "immediately", and I'll explain why, for this particular case. The 
>> footer
>>   has a container, built from 3 divs which create the box effect. If I 
>> place
>>   the wp_footer() outside the box, if any plugin adds some visible 
>> messages
>>   to the footer, they will be outside the box as orphan elements with 
>> almost
>>   any formatting style, which is not desirable. On the other hand any 
>>   code that is added, and does not create visible text to the page, is in
>>   the place it should be (like links to any js files, or code snippet of 
>> any
>>   statistical application etc.). This a dilemma for me, as this 
>> particular
>>   situation does not create a win-win situation, and sincerely I don't 
>> know
>>   exactly how to handle it.
>>   Anyway is good that the template is not approved yet, because I found
>>   another small issues that needs to be fixed.
>>   Maybe until the next time I'll upload a new version we'll agree where
>>   wp_footer() function should be called.
>>   Regards,
>>   Cristian Nistor
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