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Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Fri Oct 1 15:25:50 UTC 2010

Okay, now everybody's getting confused. Step back a second, pour
yourself a drink, and I'll explain the intricacies of ticket
management. :)

Remember that trac is basically a ticket management system. In a more
ordered scenario, where you had tasks being entered by users and like
a manager handing them out to programmers and such, the normal chain
of events would be new ticket, ticket gets assigned to a programmer,
programmer accepts it and begins working on it, programmer finishes
work and resolves the ticket, somehow.

In that sense, there is a difference between the "status" and the "resolution".

- A status is the current state of the ticket. It's either "new",
"accepted", "assigned", "closed", and "reopened". These are not
actually changeable (easily). They describe the life cycle of a
ticket. In our case, we've basically been ignoring them, for the most

- A resolution is the final state of the ticket. The resolutions are
currently "not-approved", "needs-additional-review",
"suggest-approval", "closed-newer-version-uploaded", or "approved".
These are easily changeable to anything you guys need or want, without
a problem.

ALL resolutions are "final" states. If a ticket has any resolution at
all, then its status is "closed". That's what a resolution means. This
doesn't mean that it can't be reopened, or discussed. Just that it's
considered to be done, until it's not considered to be done

Now, as nacin said, if you want to formalize a working reviewer group,
we can do that. We'd need somebody (or group of somebody's) to act as
management (cause it ain't gonna be me!) and we'd give them the power
to modify the users in the group. We'd make a "reviewer" group and
give them the power to change the ticket resolutions and assign/accept
tickets and such. I suspect that we don't want some management team
explicitly assigning tickets to reviewers, so any reviewer would be
able to accept any ticket. We'd just leave that step of the normal
process out...

So, work out what you want to make it do, then tell me and nacin, and
we'll make it do that.


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