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.bypostauthor, .sticky {} 

in the style.css makes em empty but still found ;/ 

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  As per the review guidelines, .sticky and .bypostauthor are recommended, not required. So is the absence of these classes grounds for rejection? I will remove the link in the sidebar.

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    #2169: THEME: Suffusion - 3.7.0
     Reporter:  sayontan      |      Owner:  Fingli

         Type:  theme         |     Status:  closed
    Resolution:  not-approved  |   Keywords:  theme-suffusion,
    Changes (by Fingli):

     * status:  assigned => closed
     * resolution:  => not-approved


     => Presence of external link (dryicons.com) in sidebar Meta section.
     => Missing '''.sticky''' and '''.bypostauthor''' selectors in theme CSS.


     This is a tertiary review. Next reviewer might find more so please do
     everything you can to adhere to the documentation on what is accepted in
     the theme review.

     - Developer needs to thoroughly read the
     http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Review and find all the must-haves and
     update their theme(s).
     - It's useful if the authors check their themes with set WP_DEBUG to
     'true' in wp-config.php

     Items marked with => are reasons for not being approved
     Items marked with / are just suggestions
     Items marked with - are notes

     Once the points above have been addressed appropriately using the
     available information found at the links above; please thoroughly review
     your theme and re-submit it using the uploader tool:
     http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/upload/ this will generate a new Trac
     '''Responding To This Review'''

     Theme developer questions, comments, and feedback are welcome and
     encouraged. Please use one of the following methods:

        1) Leave a comment on this ticket
        2) Email the theme-reviewers email list
        3) Use the #wordpress-themes channel on irc.freenode.net (or through

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