[theme-reviewers] Theme Scan Failing

Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) philip at frumph.net
Sun Nov 28 13:18:59 UTC 2010

Results of Automated Theme Scanning: Fail
  a.. WARNING: Your theme appears to have some fishy looking code in it. It may be malicious code that somehow got into your theme unknowingly. This may mean that your development or theme site may be compromised. Please check your theme for code you did not put there and remove it.
  b.. RECOMMENDED: No reference to add_editor_style() was found in the theme. It is recommended that the theme implement editor styling, so as to make the editor content match the resulting post output in the theme, for a better user experience.
  c.. INFO: The theme appears to use include or require. If these are being used to include separate sections of a template from independent files, then get_template_part() should be used instead.

Soo Otto what exactly are you caring about here that it causes a fail?

What specific 'malicious' code? .. I dont use base64 anywhere, at all.   Everything necessary is protected with evaluators and nonce's.

Don't care about editor styles, at all; won't create one.

I use includes & get_template_parts() in appropriate places, I won't use get_template_part because of the performance of checking both the child theme and root theme and it always needs to just load the parent themes functions and not overriden by child themes functions of the same name.

Although included *in* parsed to output functions use get_template_part() as necessary

soo whatsup?

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