[theme-reviewers] Suggested recommendation: edit_themes, edit_theme_options, switch_themes, manage_options

Demetris Kikizas kikizas at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 19:46:20 UTC 2010

Hello, dearly beloved theme reviewers!

As more and more themes come now with options/settings, I see quite a
few of them using the edit_themes capability for controlling access to
their options screens, which is wrong:

edit_themes controls access to the code editor; it has nothing to do
with theme options.

Access to theme options is controlled with edit_theme_options, which
was introduced in WordPress 3.0. For earlier versions, one can use
switch_themes or manage_options.  (I’m not certain which one is best;
someone who knows WP better could help us here.)

So, if it is not difficult to check for that, I think it would be good
to offer a recommendation for the appropriate capability.  It would
benefit both theme users and theme creators.



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