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Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Tue Nov 16 19:01:37 UTC 2010


Okay, so I took a look at your site (http://www.alivethemes.com/).
Currently, I don't think it fits the requirements for listing. In
order to be fully transparent and so that everybody else knows too,
I'll explain my criteria. Note: I'm not claiming these are *the*
criteria.. These are just *my* criteria.

There's four general factors I use to assess this sort of thing.

1. License. We require that all sites listed in the commercial
directory be obviously selling GPL themes. This means prominent
display on the site, somewhere, that the themes being sold are
licensed under the GPL, 100%. None of this stuff about it being
licensed for X number of sites, or that the CSS and images are
copyrighted, etc. I couldn't find any licensing information on your
site. A licensing page to explain the terms of your themes is
generally the way most sites handle this.

2. Support. There has to be an obvious means of user support. Users
are buying themes from you, they need a way to contact you for
assistance. You have a forum setup, which works swell for this

3. Site. The site has to look professional, clean, etc. This is just a
general observation, we avoid obviously spammy sites. I see no
problems here.

4. Professionalism. This is just an overall general feel of the site,
really. The themes need to look good, the site has to look good. I'd
say that since I only see the one theme available on the site that
this is a slightly minor mark against it. Generally we promote sites
with several themes available, but this is not by itself a hard and
fast reason to reject it. The theme does look like a good one, after

So on the whole, I'd say that you should probably get a few more
themes made first, and to clarify the licensing situation. The
"unlock" stuff on there I find confusing and possibly invalid as far
as GPL'd goes, so that would need to be clarified a fair amount before
we'd allow it for inclusion into the commercial section.


On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 12:26 PM, Robert Ambartsumov
<robert6292 at gmail.com> wrote:
> well i emailed themes at wordpress.org like it said and got no response, so my
> question is how do i contact the guys who are responsible for that section.

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