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Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) philip at frumph.net
Thu Nov 11 03:27:19 UTC 2010

I've said this and many other people have hinted this.

You should be promoting the upgrade of peoples WordPress versions whenever possible.

There's really no reason not for upgrading.   You could even make a few extra bucks offering an upgrade service, if you don't I am available ;)

- Phil

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  I would like to put forth a few considerations for the theme upload checker before it is used as a gating criterion for theme submissions:

    1.. Use of obsolete functions - one that comes immediately to mind is "automatic_feed_links". As per the theme guidelines I have used add_theme_support('automatic-feed-links'), however I have a considerable user-base that is on older versions of WP and for that I have the older automatic_feed_links as a backup. The upload checker reports the theme as a "fail" based on this , while manual checks would reveal that the design is as per guidelines. Would it be possible to handle this kind of a check? I am guessing there would be 

    2.. I also noticed that the checker reports that I don't have a License and License URI (I have both in style.css). It should be noted, though, that I have multiple style.css files - maybe the checker is reporting on one of those. This is listed as "Recommended" rather than an error, so it is not a big deal. 

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