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Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Wed Nov 10 12:03:38 UTC 2010

Actually, I'd be reluctant to even allow that 1 link.

The way I see it, the "credit" link should be a link to a page
specifically about the theme. If you want "credit" links on that page,
then that's fine. But linking to some unrelated page from the theme is
basically unacceptable.

Doesn't matter if they designed it or not, a theme should only contain
links to pages that are specific to that theme. Anything else is SEO
spammy nonsense.


On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 12:40 AM, Syahir Hakim <khairulsyahir at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've a query regarding the current rule that a theme may only have 1 credit
> link. What if I have a theme that is designed (voluntarily for free) by a
> web design studio, which then pass it to me to develop it into a
> full-fledged Wordpress theme. In this case, wouldn't it be justified to
> include 2 credit links, one for the design and another for the development?
> It would be something like "Theme Foo is designed by Bar and developed by
> Foobar", with Bar being a link to the design studio who designed the theme
> for free and Foobar a link to the developer. And by extension, why can't Foo
> be a link to the theme's page.
> I find the requirement that there can only be 1 credit link a bit
> restrictive, since after all the link to the theme's page is not necessarily
> a credit link - it doesn't give credit to anybody, but just point the
> theme's user to where to get support and description and stuffs. I think in
> an environment where people come together and volunteer to do things for a
> community, the least we can do to reward them is to allow their work to be
> credited to them. In the example I gave above, it's not difficult to think
> that the design studio who designed the theme for free would insist on the
> design of the theme be credited to them. Getting a professional design
> studio (or designer) to design a website for free is difficult enough.
> Getting them to do it without any credit to them whatsoever would be nearly
> impossible.
> Having said that, of course I disapprove of links that are blatantly for SEO
> purposes. But what I'm talking about above is just plain good 'ol give
> credit where credit is due, especially for high-quality themes where
> countless hours of development efforts have been poured into.
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