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Dave Grossman dave at 943productions.com
Fri Jun 18 16:39:50 UTC 2010

Joseph et al,
I am a designer, developer, consultant, configurator, modifier, tweaker and outspoken advocate of WordPress. I have been so since the 1.2 release (which I believe was Mingus). I have been waiting for an opportunity to contribute to the project that I love. As soon as the Theme Review announcement went out, I jumped on the list.

And it was like jumping into the middle of a busy highway. The signal to noise ratio has been way out of whack and I have very seriously contemplated jumping right back out of the flow of traffic. I am willing to stick it out for a little bit, because I love WP so much.

Although I expect that there is a glut of themes to be reviewed (a great problem to have) it seems quite obvious that to get to the point where we can do that properly, we need to first refine and improve the Theme Review process. There have been some tools mentioned that might help in this process. I would suggest that before we look for a technical solution, we clearly understand the challenge, develop a process for meeting that challenge and then look for (or develop) a tool to manage the process.

I submit my understanding of the challenge as a framework for modification and expansion by the group:

theme is submitted
basic automated verification process completed
theme added to review cue
theme assigned or review team alerted
theme tested against testing standards
theme status input into system and published if theme meets testing standards
theme submitter alerted with information of status and any required modifications
themes requiring modification are resubmitted and cycle continues at #2 above

When we get to the point where the theme review process is up and running effectively, I would love to focus on BuddyPress and Network-enabled (formerly WPMU) themes (and plugins when that process launches).

In solidarity,
Dave "diablo943" Grossman
943 Productions LLC

On Jun 18, 2010, at 9:59 AM, chip at chipbennett.net wrote:

> Joseph,
> The signal-to-noise level on this mail-list, from utter spam to
> out-of-scope messages (requesting theme support, etc.) is seriously going
> to make this mail-list unusable very quickly.
> Is there any way we can get some moderation?
> This would seem to be a relatively easy matter to correct, as join
> requests for the mail-list must be approved. It would seem that too many
> such join requests are getting approved.
> Perhaps you should have people interested in helping with *reviewing
> themes* contact you before requesting to join the mail-list, and only
> approve join requests from people who have contacted you beforehand?
> And similarly: can we stop forwarding themes at wordpress.org to this mail
> list? I have yet to see a single, non-spam come through from that email
> address.
> Let's cut down on the clutter, so we can get back to our intended work,
> shall we?
> (And on that note: I'd be happy to start my next theme review!)
> Chip
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