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I'm going to guess that the answer is "no".

Themes hosted in the wordpress.org repository must not include credit
links to sites that sell or support non-GPL licensed themes.

See licensing information for DreamTemplate, here:


Relevant clauses:

"You may not sell/giveaway our templates to 3rd parties."

"You may not include/bundle our templates within your products and sell

"You may not distribute our template after you have performed
modifications on it, UNLESS all images and design objects are replaced and
the template looks drastically different from the original template. The
images we use are licensed and if you use them without obtaining a proper
license you will be liable for damages and copyright infringement."

"You can use the templates for your client's websites (50 projects max)

(if you are using our templates in more than 50 client projects, you will
be required to purchase an additional membership account. Each membership
account permits you to design 50 client projects)."

Clearly, this website does not release its themes under a GPL-compatible

Hope this helps!

> Hi,
> Can you tell me if it's considered OK, according to theme authors
> guidelines, for a theme author's website to display advertisement for this
> particular site: http://dreamtemplate.com/
> Thanks!
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