[theme-reviewers] Review: Diabolique Spring v1.0.3

Edward Caissie edward.caissie at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 20:07:24 UTC 2010

The new review with additional notes from version 1.0.2

Review: Diabolique Spring v1.0.3
> diff files: 404.php; changelog.txt; header.php; screenshot.png; style.css;
> img/submit-comment.jpg; js/cufon.js
> - with the exception of the 404.php file all diffs have minimal impact on
> previous version
> x - although the 404.php file will produce a page in a "friendly" browser
> it would be better to revert to the version 1.0.2 template file as more
> correct.
> ----
> Review: Diabolique Spring v1.0.2
> - photo.png -> consider as an option, gravatar perhaps?
> - readme.txt file may be more useful with some basic information beyond the
> link; see note about photo.png
> x - <html> tag should include language_attributes()
> x - fetch the title and description using bloginfo()
> x - body_class() should be used in the <body> tag
> x - $content_width set in functions.php
> x - post_class() should be used as part of the_Loop
> x - tags are not displayed
> x - comment_class() not used
> ----
> Additional notes for version 1.0.2
> x - part of this theme has terms that are not compatible with the GPL, such
> as, the font and possibly the icons. The entire theme needs to be under
> terms that are GPL or compatible.
> x - the credit link text in the footer should be relevant and accurate, in
> this case something like 'Diabolique Design' or 'diaboliquedesign.com'
> would be better
> Please address the above points. Thank You.

I'm glad I remembered my old diff program "Beyond Compare" ...

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