[theme-reviewers] theme-reviewers Digest, Vol 1, Issue 16

Sarah Hines sarah at shinesandjecker.com
Thu Jun 10 21:45:51 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I'm Sarah Hines, and I'm the Problem Solver at shines & jecker labs
(shinesandjecker.com, a web firm with galatic HQs in beautiful
Portland, Maine) and I've been working with Wordpress for several
years. We've moved more and more to running our sites off of WP, most
often as a CMS rather than a blog. My favorite blog we created is
guidingstars.com/blog and my (current) favorite implementation we
developed was the filtering system on
vitalventure.gmri.org/activities/ . Looking forward to figuring out
where I can help.

>  what's the schedule? when are we starting and how? (in other words.. let's do
> this!) Ciprian Turcu

I'd also appreciate an overview of 'the plan.'

> That's going to make this mail-list awfully noisy. Would a forum be
> better/more appropriate for asking/answering questions from theme
> developers?

I think a forum might be a better medium for this.
I could see:
- Introductions (to the review community),
- Questions on Creating Themes (for Theme Developers),
- Theme Reviews (when a new theme is ready to be reviewed),
- Process/Checklists/Tools (what's the purpose, what's the process,
how do we use the codex checklist, does one person do the entire
review or can different folks do different pieces and a scorecard
slowly gets filled out until it's approved?, it could also be a spot
for discussions on improving process such as the theme naming issue).

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