[theme-reviewers] wp-themes: voidy - 1.3.1

Cipr.vb cypr.vb at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 17:08:53 UTC 2010

Joseph, not to be rude or anything.. but it's chaos in here.. It's
hard to tell what's a introduction, a introduction reply.. what's a
reply to what and who, is there a theme to review or is it spam...

Is there another way we can communicate? like a p2 installation on a
server maybe? (I think Automattic uses that internally for
communicating if I am not mistaken)

I have a few ideas for WordPress.org theme reviewing and user
motivation for upload and quality in new themes. Don't want to rush
it, I can imagine you are a really busy person.. but.. what's the
schedule? when are we starting and how? (in other words.. let's do

Ciprian Turcu

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