[theme-reviewers] introductions

Doug Stewart zamoose at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 22:01:54 UTC 2010

My name is Doug Stewart. I've been running WordPress since version
1.0, all the way back to February 2004. I've been a participant on
wp-hackers for a good long while and have been making a general
nuisance of myself ever since.

Stephane Daury, Viper007Bond and I coded the WPhone Admin Plugin back
in the day and I've had a self-authored theme that's been powering my
site for years that I've been too ashamed of the code quality to
release. *grin*

I've done systems admin and integration for over ten years now and am
an old hand at Linux, MySQL, Apache and PHP and am looking to plus-up
my design skills at some point (once the free time shows back up. It
WILL show back up, right?).

I'm @zamoose on Twitter and blog over at
http://literalbarrage.org/blog/.  Here's to a successful review board!


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