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Aaron Jorbin aaron at jorb.in
Wed Jun 9 21:37:34 UTC 2010

Hi, I'm Aaron Jorbin.  I'm a plugin and theme developer (and occasionally a
patch writer for core).  I'm a huge proponent of the use of child themes and
have even released a few 2010 children into the wild.  I love the GPL.

twitter: twitter.com/aaronjorbin

On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 2:17 PM, Kailey Lampert <trepmal at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, I'm Kailey Lampert
> I've only been playing around with WordPress for about 2 years. I'm not
> much of a designer, but I do love code - and I'm always interested to see
> what I can learn from somebody else's handiwork. Hopefully I'll be able to
> use what I've learned so far and be able to give back to the community.
> Several years ago, I put some effort into writing my own little blogging
> platform, but once I learned about WordPress - I never looked back.
> I've written a handful of dinky plugins, and I've created numerous themes
> for clients through my job (admittedly, not all of the greatest quality...).
> Kailey Lampert
> http://trepmal.com
> trepmal at gmail.com
> On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 1:31 PM, Joseph Scott <joseph at automattic.com>wrote:
>> Hello, and thank you for joining in on the theme review call for help.
>>  I've just gone through and approved several requests to join this
>> list, so hopefully you are in the right place.
>> If your are here then you've expressed an interest in helping with the
>> WordPress.org theme directory.  Let me say right up front, thank you!
>> Sounds like an instructor on the first day of class: welcome to
>> Anthropology 103, if that isn't what you expected then now is the time
>> to find the right class room :-)
>> Moving along.  This is a new email list, with lots of new people
>> subscribed.  Please do a quick introduction, who you are are, a little
>> bit of background, your WordPress URL, etc.
>> Doing theme reviews on a broader scale like this really is a bit of an
>> experiment, I expect that we'll make adjustments as we figure things
>> out along the way.  Some items to help everyone get up to speed:
>> - make sure you have a WordPress.org account already
>> - know where http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/ is :-)
>> - the theme review check list in the codex, make sure you are
>> comfortable importing the test data
>> http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Development_Checklist#Theme_Unit_Test
>> One idea that has recently been tossed around is putting together a
>> theme review score card.  Something that would help quantify some of
>> the review process.  A simple scale of 1 to 5 (perhaps 1 to 3?) for
>> different categories like security, following code guide lines,
>> supports WP core features, etc.
>> While getting this list up and going I'm also moving the existing
>> theme review emails to this list as well, so you'll be seeing some
>> back and forth on themes currently in the review queue.
>> I'd like to see nice, high quality themes for the directory and
>> another big thank you for volunteering to work with theme authors to
>> help make that possible.
>> Here's my intro blurb:
>> Hi, I'm Joseph Scott.  I've been using WordPress since 2004, after
>> giving up on writing my own blog software (seems like everyone back
>> then tried to write their own before finally going to WP).  I started
>> doing WordPress work full time when I joined Automattic, I contribute
>> to both the WordPress.org community project as well as work on
>> WordPress.com.  What seems like a long time ago now I wrote the code
>> for the original Prologue theme (which others continued to enhance,
>> into what is now P2).  One of the areas I focus on in WordPress are
>> the XML-RPC APIs.  I've also done work in the realtime(ish) area for
>> WordPress, with plugins for both rssCloud and PubSubHubbub (PuSH).
>> --
>> Joseph Scott
>> joseph at josephscott.org
>> http://josephscott.org/
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