[theme-reviewers] Theme Test Data WXR and SQL Updates

chip at chipbennett.net chip at chipbennett.net
Tue Jul 27 15:50:33 UTC 2010

>> I'll tidy up the image tests, and put them all in one post (as I did
>> with the
>> layout tests). So, we'll have "Layout Test", "Images Test", and
>> "Readability
>> Test".
> Sounds perfect.

Okay, I've merged all image-layout related tests (Image Alignment, Wide
Image Resized, Wide Image Not Resized, Thumbnails, Gallery) into a single
post: "Image Tests".

>>> - Could you update Layout Test page 4 to use the sample HTML from
>>> http://2010dev.wordpress.com/element/ instead? It's an updated
>>> improved version with more elements?
>> What am I missing, aside from a Definition List? I'm pretty sure I've
>> captured
>> every other relevant HTML element. Let me know if I've missed any.
> Let's add a definition list, a code block example (to go along with
> the inline code examples), and maybe consider combining the HTML tests
> on page 4 and 5 into a single page.

Definition List added, and overall flow/layout updated to be more
intuitive. I've also added headers to everything, to facilitate stepping
through the tests.

Other changes:

I've merged Enclosures and Embedded Video into a single post: "Embedded
Media Test"

I've removed the following posts, due to being unrelated to Theme Review,
or redundant:

 - Future Post (unrelated)
 - Contributor Post, Pending Approval (unrelated)
 - Draft Post / Draft Post w/Attachment (unrelated)
 - Category Name Clash (unrelated)
 - Test with Secret Password and Excerpt (redundant - I left the other
password-protected post, to ensure password form displays properly)
 - Contributor Post, Approved (unrelated)
 - Article in the Distant Past (unrelated)
 - All the timezone-related posts (unrelated)
 - Category Name Clash (unrelated)

Do we need the "Article With a MORE Tag" post? If so, perhaps I can
incorporate it into the Readability Test post?

Is there anything else anyone can see that needs to be


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