[theme-reviewers] Priority for themes supporting 3.0 features?

Tom Lany mail at tomlany.net
Thu Jul 1 15:21:02 UTC 2010

I would agree that we need to get some themes with these features up 
soon.  Also, I think it would be nice to add a couple of really good 
themes with these features to the featured themes listing on the front 
page.  On the other hand, I think we need to continue to respond to 
older requests first.

Does anyone know of 2-3 very high quality themes currently in the queue 
that will be supporting these features?  If so, we may want to make it a 
priority to get these up.

On another note, there is only one more theme that is currently out of 
order in the review queue, and I will review it later today; so everyone 
can now *begin taking tickets from the top of the list again*.  Yay!

Tom Lany

On 7/1/10 7:28 AM, Chris Olbekson wrote:
> The Themes Directory is lacking themes that support the new features 
> in 3.0.  If you use the tag filter and check "custom-menu" 0 results 
> (TwentyTen needs this tag added), check "custom-background" 1 result, 
> editor-style (not 3.0 specific) 3 results.
> If you check all 3 new features: custom-header, custom-background, 
> custom-menu 0 results.
> Is it acceptable and fair to authors who have had themes in 
> the queue longer to skip ahead and review themes just because they 
> support the 3.0 features?
> I don't want to discriminate but I see these themes being requested in 
> the forums and right now we only have TwentyTen.
> Chris Olbekson
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