[theme-reviewers] Some qs about Black Queen 1.0 theme

Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Mon Dec 20 23:26:57 UTC 2010

Good evening,

First, I must point out: TwentyTen is *not* the "perfect sample" Theme. It
is merely the current default WordPress Theme. It was released before the
current Theme Review Guidelines went into effect. That said, I'll try to
answer your questions:

1) I would question whether the Theme output for a non-default [gallery]
shortcode should be cause for not approving the Theme. If the Theme outputs
properly with the default shortcode (i.e. 3 columns), I would argue that it
should be acceptable.

2) Probably, wp_link_pages() is called inside the same container as
the_content(), and is not wrapped in a container that clears floats, causing
the post-page links to float into the content. Try adding "clear:both;" to

3) It means that custom CSS should be added using the appropriate hook,
rather than hard-coded into the document head. For example, add a
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'my-custom-css' ) where 'my-custom-css()'
defines your custom scripts.

4) Again, TwentyTen is *not* a "perfect sample" Theme. There is no guarantee
that it will meet any given guideline (though we certainly hope it does!).


On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 5:09 PM, Ford Mon <fordmon at gmail.com> wrote:

> http://themes.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/2122
> Hello All,
> I have created a theme
> http://www.themesfromrobin.com/2010/11/black-queen-wp-theme/
> and uploaded into trac.wordpress.org.  It was tested recently and rejected
> until I fix the following:
> 1) // Galleries with more than three columns aren't shown correctly.
> Test [gallery columns="4"] and it breaks the gallery.» //
> I looked into the stadard wordpress theme and when tested it there was the
> same error.
> http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/6216/screenshot117.png
> It can't look well with 4 colums, the best look is 3 columns. Could you
> explain what to do in this case?
> 2. // Floated elements aren't cleared in the post content. This only seems
> to be the case when usingwp_link_pages().»//
> I can not decipher this statement. Could you help
> 3. //«Additional stylesheets should be appropriately loaded
> using wp_enqueue_style()»//
> What does it mean?
> The main style in my theme is the same as it is in the standard wp theme (
> the perfect sample). An additional style is also added according to the
> codex. At least it is the same as it's in this accepted theme
> http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/fudo
> Many thanks in advance
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