[theme-reviewers] JS/jQuery and Security Reviews

Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Tue Aug 24 19:26:29 UTC 2010

Another Theme downloaded, only to fail one of the first things I checked...

Anyway, while I move on to the next Theme, another couple questions for the

1) JavaScript/jQuery

How does everyone evaluate JS (and, I suppose, jQuery) code in Themes? What
tools do you use to find errors, and what criteria do you use?

I used to write quite a bit in JS many, many years ago - though I would
never say that I was good (or even proficient) at it. My knowledge of jQuery
is non-existent. So, are there tools you can recommend to use, or good,
WordPress-specific resources to study? Or, are there any reviewers who might
want to take on a JS/jQuery guru role, to review Themes with complex use of
such scripts?

2) Security Reviews

Whatever happened to our idea of having Security gurus, who would perform
security reviews after Themes passed the Theme Review Checklist? Is that
still something we want to pursue? Are we to the point where Themes are
getting turned around fast enough to justify adding an additional step in
the workflow?

(If so, Cais: can we get a "needs security review" or similar option in Trac
to which to resolve a Theme that otherwise conforms to the Theme Review

Back to the grind...

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