[theme-reviewers] A suggestion for the theme upload page

Bruce Wampler brucewampler at gmail.com
Fri Aug 20 16:32:08 UTC 2010

  I have a suggestion for the theme upload page.

I a lot of the discussion has been about improving the checking scripts to
find more issues earlier, which is a good idea.

But what about adding a box to the theme upload page that theme
authors have to check along the lines of:

[ ] I certify I've read all the theme development rules, I've run the theme
with WP_DEBUG (or even debogger?), and that to the best of my ability,
it conforms to all the published requirements for the latest version of
Wordpress 3.

Might that not get some of the theme authors to at least give a thought
to all the guidelines?

Bruce Wampler, Ph.D.

Software developer
Creator of first spelling checker for a PC
Creator of Grammatik(tm), first true grammar checker
e-mail: bw at brucewampler.com
blog: brucewampler.wordpress.com

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