[theme-reviewers] Commercially Supported GPL Themes

Željan Topić admin at bizzartic.com
Mon Aug 16 15:12:58 UTC 2010


I'm writing this email to this address as my submission to Commercially
Supported GPL Themes (themes at wordpress.org) doesn't seem to work. I've
submitted my site two times now and still no response (4 months later) - I'd
at least want to know why some third class sites are accepted and mine

I run bizzthemes.com and have GPL themes that have been distributed to over
20,000 users, but yet I'm not included in Commercially Supported GPL Themes
directory. One of my themes also made it into WP.com (Inuit
but yet no love from WP :/

Nevertheless, here is my submission again and hopefully you'll be able to
make it into Commercially Supported GPL Themes directory or at least forward
this mail to a person that could help me out:

*Submission site:** **http://bizzthemes.com/* <http://bizzthemes.com/>
*Support Links:*

   - *http://bizzthemes.com/support/* <http://bizzthemes.com/support/>
   - *http://bizzthemes.com/contact/* <http://bizzthemes.com/contact/>

*GPL licensed**, full Terms & Conditions: **
Business WordPress Themes:
Fast, Easy to Customize
Top Quality and SEO Optimized*

Kind regards,

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