[theme-reviewers] Coromandel theme

Tim Archer tim at pixelace.com
Fri Aug 6 07:15:04 UTC 2010

Hi folks,


I'd like to get my theme Coromandel removed from themes. I've given up
trying to get it past your reviewers and would rather not have an outdated
one available at all on your site.


I've submitted two attempts to update it and after a considerable but
understandable delay the second reviewer picked up issues that the first one
didn't even mention. This shook any hope I might have had that resolving
these and resubmitting will result in acceptance. 


I admire everything you do and your commitment to WP but supporting every
single feature bloat compromises minimal designs like mine and tracking down
every function upgrade is simply beyond my capabilities or patience when I'm
a parent with greater commitments.


My username is pixelace (#VyD at 2RHLiJt), if you need anything else please let
me know.



Tim Archer

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