[wp-hackers] Translating 1.5 with Rosetta

Luca Lizzeri luca.lizzeri at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 10:50:30 UTC 2004

> This seems like a quite userfriendly way to translate it. I tried it out
> and translated a few strings to swedish.

Redoing my Italian translation. Loaded the .po file, but it seems to
ignore it quietly, so I am redoing my work.

> One thing that I have noticed (and already noticed when I worked with
> poEdit but only submitted one patch for some various e-mail spellings) is
> that there are many strings that are similar to each other. For example,
> there are strings "Comments (0)", "No Comments", "Comments (1)", "1
> Comments", "Comments (%s)" and "%s Comments". There is also the powered by
> wordpress string which is both translated with <cite> and then same string
> without. I guess it is possible to get rid of quite alot of the similar
> strings.

Also, many strings are present both with and without punctuation: Now
I am seeing both "Search" and "Search:". It would be easier if
end-of-phrase punctuation was kept outside the translatable strings


Luca Lizzeri

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