[wp-hackers] Trackbacks and Pingbacks broken in CVS?

Christoph Rummel bronski at bronski.net
Mon Dec 20 06:15:02 UTC 2004

On 19.12.2004, at 23:41, Mark Jaquith wrote:
> I happened to notice that a friend had linked me... but I hadn't 
> gotten any notification.  I sometimes blog at his site, so I 
> checked... and he had sent a TrackBack, according to his WordPress 
> entry.  I did some testing, from one blog to another on the same 
> server, from a blog on one server to a blog on another, and vice 
> versa... and I simply can't get TrackBack or PingBack to work.  I even 
> tried some of the prior nightlies, with no luck.  Had to go back to 
> December 10th Nightly to get it to work.

Comments seem to be broken alltogether since 2004-12-16. On that date a 
lot of lines have been deleted from wp-comments-post.php that result in 
a test that always fails.



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