[wp-hackers] 1.2.2 Failing on fresh install.

Robert Deaton false.hopes at gmail.com
Sun Dec 19 21:21:34 UTC 2004

I've seen 4 people come in the channel asking about this problem in
the last 24 hours. Can we really let this bug go undismissed with just
docs that people can hardly find about how to fix it? One of the goals
of WP was always an easy installation and such, and this is completely
going against it. Don't wanna nag, but its really discouraging for
some to have to open core files and edit them.

On Sun, 19 Dec 2004 15:23:40 -0500, Mark Jaquith
<mark.wordpress at txfx.net> wrote:
> Just go to http://mosquito.wordpress.org/ to submit bugs/patches.
> Kimmo Suominen wrote:
> >I just took a look, and I really could not find anything about how to
> >report bugs (apart from "..." in the FAQ under DOCS).  If you have a
> >procedure on how you would like patches and bug reports submitted, it
> >would be great to have it prominently documented on wordpress.org.
> >
> >Cheers,
> >+ Kim
> >
> >
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