[wp-hackers] Dashboard "focus"

Mark E.Payne payne at skockination.com
Sun Dec 19 10:00:30 UTC 2004

I really like the new Dashboard. Including the feed for the Dev Blog is 
a pretty slick idea, but I have one little problem with it. Here's what 
it makes me think: If this is "my" (meaning any Joe User) blog, and 
this is the "dashboard" to "my" blog, then why is the main focus on the 
WP Dev Blog? (Especially when it hasn't been updated terribly 
frequently over the past 6 months.)

The Dev Blog seems to just take up a lot of space which seems a bit 
much (unnecessary) whereas a lot of interesting and relevant 
information is crammed into the Latest Activity area. At least with the 
separation of color, the Latest Activity jumps out a little. I'm all 
for geeked out information, but I can't say that I, as an ordinary 
user, would want to see the Dev Blog so prominently at each and every 

However, it might just be that this is still very rough (likely) and I 
am not privy to the big picture of what else will be included in the 
dashboard (infinitely more likely). Additionally, it's also 4am.

Mark Payne
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