[wp-hackers] Bugs in Multiple WP Versions

Mark McKibben mark at coffeebear.net
Fri Dec 10 07:58:00 UTC 2004

On Thursday 09 December 2004 9:49 am, Tor Bjornrud wrote:
> What would you like bugs that are present in multiple versions of WP
> marked as?  The latest version, the earliest version?

At the company that I do software testing for, what we've found to work best 
1. Enter a defect for the current development version (to make sure this won't 
be a problem in the future).
2. Enter a defect for the current release version.
3. A developer review the issue and fix the development version.
4. That developer then reviews what changes were necessary to fix the problem.  
If those changes can be ported back to the current release version without a 
major hassle and the issue is important; then the developer does so.  
Otherwise the developer makes a note in the defect for the current release 
that the issue will not be fixed in that version.

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Mark McKibben
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