[wp-hackers] A plugin repository

Matthew Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Thu Dec 9 16:45:36 UTC 2004

I just wanted to throw something out there.

Would any plugin authors be interested in putting their work a plugin 
repository? Not like DrDave's excellent Plugin DB 
<http://wp-plugins.net/> but rather something just for the plugin devs. 
  I finally found a high-availability hosting partner I'm comfortable 
moving development activities to and I've been working a lot with 
Subversion and Trac over the past few weeks, which would be ideal for 
this purpose.

Unlike CVS, with Subversion it would be very easy for me to set up 
granularity of access to the repository, so to say person Y can commit 
to subfolder X but nothing else. (If CVS has scared you off before don't 
worry, SvN is much easier.) It would be like our own mini-SourceForge 
just for themes and plugins.

Here's why I think this would be a good idea:

* Allow real version and quality control of plugin/theme code (just like WP)
* High availability of source code, not tied to any one site
* People can update things without going through any bottlenecks
* More transparancy to the development process
* A bug database and wiki just for plugins/themes
* Downloads don't have to drain bandwidth of individual sites
* All actual plugin info can still live elsewhere like someone's site or 
* People could learn the technologies that are going to power WordPress 
(we're moving to SvN after 1.3)
* Version control gives you warm fuzzies

Thoughts? Ideas? Concerns?

Would you use it?

Some links:


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