[wp-hackers] theme manager like plugin manager

Tara Star tellme at climbtothestars.org
Tue Dec 7 07:59:29 UTC 2004

You probably all know by now how enthusiastic I am about Dave's plugin 
manager (http://wp-plugins.net/) and the possibility to install new 
plugins in a single click.

The same thing for themes would be great. I mean, I've seen some 
beautiful themes out there, but for the moment, changing themes requires 
(a) hunting down the theme on the web, (b) downloading it to the server, 
(c) activating it. Wouldn't a theme manager functioning a bit like 
Dave's plugin manager be a nice thing? View a page with screenshots and 
info of all registered themes in a central DB, and one-click install the 
theme of your choice. I'm certain a lot of the plugin manager code could 
be re-used for this.

The theme manager could be a plugin (like the plugin manager is), or why 
not, someday, included in the core? (I've vaguely heard talk about 
including the plugin manager but I don't know where things are -- and 
honestly, it's not that important.)

What do you think?

PS: I'm aware there are still lots of bugs to be squashed and that this 
is an "inessential feature" -- but I think it can really help make WP 
easier for the less-techy masses

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