[wp-hackers] WP 1.3-alpha-5 bugs?

Mathias Bynens mathibus at gmail.com
Sun Dec 5 16:54:43 UTC 2004

This morning, I had my first experiences with WP 1.3 (1.3-alpha-5, to be exact).

I was amazed. I didn't even know WordPress could get better after 1.2.

However, I noticed some things that might be small bugs.

1. Go to http://your.wp13a5.blog/wp-admin/options-general.php and
enter something in the gmt_offset field (where it says, "Times in the
weblog should differ by: x hours"). After clicking the Update Uptions
button, nothing changes. The gmt_offset field remains empty. When I
looked in the WP database, I couldn't even find a gmt_offset field
there. Houston, we have a problem...

2. After the installation, the 'category_nicename' field in the MySQL
database isn't filled in. Same goes for the sanitized post titles of
the default post ("Hello World"). That way, when enabling mod_rewrite
rules, faulty URIs (such as /wordpress/2004/12/05// and
/wordpress/category//) get returned. I had to "edit" the category and
click Update to store the nicename, and for the post, I had to type in
the post slug.

3. Automatically updating the .htaccess file sounds like a good idea,
but this won't work on my local server. I don't think my localhost
will be the only one suffering from this problem. Therefore, wouldn't
it be great if there was a text saying "The following lines were
inserted into your .htaccess file:", followed by the updated rules?

Can anyone confirm any of this? It might be just me.
Mathias Bynens aka MaThIbUs

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