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Harrison Brace hbrace at gmail.com
Sat Dec 4 04:09:03 UTC 2004

Kitten's Spaminator is brilliant and protected me from several
thousand spam attempts. But, for some reason, it started blocking out
a *lot* of my friends.

I started using Elliott Backs's spam plugin,
which requires a client-side JavaScript computation of an MD5 hash. So
far, it's stopped *all* the bots, without blocking any legit comments.

On Fri, 3 Dec 2004 21:49:01 -0500, scriptygoddess
<scriptygoddess at gmail.com> wrote:
> Kitten's Spaminator had been working great. Although recently more and
> more comments are getting through to be moderated (still very few if
> any actually show up though).
> Recently I've started creating a "really really bad" blacklist of
> sorts - that, if a user actually leaves a comment with one of THOSE
> particular URLs I have in that list in their url field, they 1) don't
> get their comment posted (and the comment doesn't even go into
> moderation, it's completely blown away), and 2) they get a cookie that
> completely bans them from my site. (heh. Until they clear their
> cookies - but all they have to do is try to leave a comment with one
> of those URLs again and they get another cookie)
> It may not seem like a terribly robust system - but it's worked pretty
> well so far. :)
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