[wp-hackers] Spam results

scriptygoddess scriptygoddess at gmail.com
Sat Dec 4 02:49:01 UTC 2004

Kitten's Spaminator had been working great. Although recently more and
more comments are getting through to be moderated (still very few if
any actually show up though).

Recently I've started creating a "really really bad" blacklist of
sorts - that, if a user actually leaves a comment with one of THOSE
particular URLs I have in that list in their url field, they 1) don't
get their comment posted (and the comment doesn't even go into
moderation, it's completely blown away), and 2) they get a cookie that
completely bans them from my site. (heh. Until they clear their
cookies - but all they have to do is try to leave a comment with one
of those URLs again and they get another cookie)

It may not seem like a terribly robust system - but it's worked pretty
well so far. :)


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