[wp-hackers] Spam results

Ryan Duff ryan at duff-duff.net
Sat Dec 4 01:47:20 UTC 2004

Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> I'm curious what spam methods are working best for everyone? 
> I see lots of comments people saying they're using something 
> but not many saying what's working. Namely, what would be the 
> best methods to roll in? 
> Obviously something like captcha doesn't fit the WP 
> philosophy, but some of the other approaches (scoring 
> comments, better management of floods,
> auto-closing) I think could be very effective even when 
> mass-deployed. 
> Thoughts?

I'm using the latest version of wp-blacklist and its working great for me. I
havne't had any spam come through. I get lots of messages daily of new
comments followed up by emails "comment deleted". I haven't had any real
comments accidentally deleted, and it has caught 100% of the spam emails.
Right now, I wouldn't change/add anything.

Ryan Duff
AIM: ryancduff

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