[wp-hackers] Important Forum Post

Tor Bjornrud bjornrud at msu.edu
Fri Dec 3 21:48:02 UTC 2004

Tor Bjornrud wrote:
> I'd prefer if there was a check for $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] at every 
> header, and if there was a problem, it simply died with an error message 
> and login prompt to change the site URI.
> Anyone who's just moved the url of the site will then *know* what's up, 
> and there's not a chance of anyone's slip showing, just a default login 
> screen.

Forgot to make one thing clear.  I don't think automatically changing it 
is a good thing.  Automatically taking the user to a place where they 
can be authenticated and set things right in a simple manner is much 
more secure and friendly, IMHO.


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