[wp-hackers] help needed to make hacks into plugins

Tara Star tellme at climbtothestars.org
Fri Dec 3 13:10:20 UTC 2004

hi all (and particularly plugin wizards)

I have three "hacks" I've made to WP which I would really like to port 
into plugins. People seem interested in them, but as they require 
hacking the wp files themselves, I understand people are hesitant -- and 
it's not the way to go!

So, if anybody would be willing to help me pluginize these things, I 
would be very very grateful (I'm somewhat plugin-challenged).

A. The language stuff

Described here:


Along with this is the "hack" to add a keywords field in post.php -- 
maybe a separate plugin allowing to add nice text input fields or 
widgets to the post and edit forms for custom fields which are 
systematically used in the blog. The current interface is really not 
very fun.

This is NOT the same thing as the language picker.

B. The topicexchange trackback stuff

Described here:


(This goes a step further than Kitten's Quick Trackbacks, and is 
specifically targeted at topicexchange)

C. Batch Categories

Maybe the easiest, just requires adding an admin screen page. It's a 
"plugin", but not a real one because everything is in the separate file.


So, if anybody feels up to this, please drop me a line!


Steph aka bunnywabbit_

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