[wp-hackers] What's Your Setup? Suggestions reqeusted.

Tor Bjornrud bjornrud at msu.edu
Thu Dec 2 22:01:21 UTC 2004

My development/publishing workflow for WP is terrible, and I'm looking 
for insight on how everyone else "does it" as I'm finding keeping a 
production site and development set of WP installs is becoming too 
complicated.  I've come up with some possible ideas, but they haven't 
scratched the itch.  Hopefully, y'all can shed some light and we can 
show each other something "smart".  What I'm looking for is a brief 
summary of how many different codebases you guys work from, what 
versions they are, what tools you use, how/if you backup, and where you 
find your biggest strength/frustration in how you work.  If someone 
posts a setup like yours, even +1 vote would be great, just so I know 
that type is working for multiple people.

I promise, I'll glean as much info as possible from this discussion and 
post a set of suggestions somewhere in the codex and on my blog to help 
future devs get a quick start into a good WP development setup.

So, to eat my own dog food...

I've got a production server with only remote shell access that runs 
1.2.1, a local setup that mirrors my live site (1.2.1) to test changes, 
and a local cvs copy where I work on things I hope to one day propose to 
the core.

All run php 4.3 as a module to Apache 2.0 on some form of unix.

Basically, this is too many installs to keep straight for me. But I'm 
afraid if I use cvs for dev, I'm gonna go a couple days with my site 
down.  It's nice to have a main site that I don't have to worry about, 
but sucks that I can't get a lot of the new great features in 1.3 I'd like.

I develop with Zend Studio (out of habit from the office) 'cause of the 
great debugger, tool tips, and syntax highlighting.

I only tar up my live site on large updates, and that's about it for 


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