[wp-hackers] RE: slow posting..

Ryan Duff ryan at duff-duff.net
Thu Dec 2 18:45:55 UTC 2004

Owen Winkler wrote:
> Ryan Duff wrote:
> > I started looking into this some today and tried a few enclosures.
> Did you enclose URLs on your own site, or did you enclose 
> URLs from other sites?  I would expect local enclosures to 
> work quickly.  It's the apparent fetching of HEAD data from 
> all offsite URLs that has me scratching my head.

I'm a step ahead of you. I thought about that before I did it and tested
external sources every time. I used 2 very large offsite images and well,
one onsite mp3... Let me try with an offsite mp3.

I've also found a few other things regarding this. Somebody mentioned in the
forums that the enclosure for an mp3 is showing up as a url enclosure in the
rss, not sure if it's a syntax error, but when I tested the feed it pulled
the enclosure correctly. Theres also a issue in mosquito posted today about
a link to an image or an image within an image tag being added to the meta
as an enclosure. This seems to be in the way that it looks for enclosures in
the post and the only logical way to fix this would be to have a checkbox to
enable enclosures (disabled by default).

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