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#8697: BP REST API Messages endpoint - total messages per thread
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Comment (by niftythree):

 Hi @espellcaste,

 Thank you for the reply.

 To clarify, we’re using an API call to populate “Inbox/Starred/Outbox”
 pages where the message threads are displayed in a list, so at the moment,
 to get the total number of messages per thread we have to call the
 endpoint multiple times and add up the message counts, and then put this
 total against each respective thread (see screenshot for example).

 Therefore, we don't need the number of messages in a specific thread, but
 for the list of message threads returned when calling the “messages”
 endpoint directly (i.e. “…/wp-json/buddypress/v1/messages”).

 Thanks for sharing that information about the header however, it may come
 in handy in future! 🙂

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